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Powdered Preparations

Professional Powder Preparations for Sweet and Savory

We offer all professional powdered mixes for the preparation of sweets, desserts and savory such as prepared of pancake and for quick, professional and very high quality waffles thanks to all the selection of raw materials and the laboratory that tests the structure of each single product and its yield after preparation in all possible repeatable cases. AL Ice-Cream are one of the most requested and sold products in professional kitchens, bars, hotels and at home for professional cooking enthusiasts.

Spedizione in 1 giorno

Preparation for Pancakes and Waffles in powder for 10/15 waffles and pancakes GLUTEN FREE. High quality professional preparation for massive preparations and for home preparations.

1 g 12.50 € 12.50 € cad.
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5 g 62.50 € 12.50 € cad.
Consegna Gratuita
20 g 230.00 € 11.50 € cad.