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100 UNO Capsule System Compatible Decaffeinated

Acquistane 100 a
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UNO Capsule System Decaffeinated, produced with natural decaffeination techniques using water procedures. Decaffeinated proposed is presented in the cup with a thick cream and full-bodied aroma and balanced and perfectly toasted, able to leave on the palate an extraordinary flavor of freshly roasted coffee.
Taste the blend of decaffeinated coffee in UNO Capsule System compatible for your machine Kimbo, Illy, Indesit, Maranello or Squesito.If you are unsure of compatibility please contact us, we will be at your disposal.
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100 UNO Capsule System Decaffeinated

We offer our best blend composed of totally decaffeinated coffee exclusively natural decaffeination technique, Through A technique to water. The Mixture And The same made to blend Cremoso, but just with the variant that any grain used comes decaffeinated before roasting.
Taste our coffee blend in capsules UNO System-compatible machines Indesit, Kimbo, Illy and Maranello, Squesito.
Also other coffee blends are available in these compatible capsules, you can always consult the online catalog of the website to the category UNO Capsule System Compatible, you'll find the mixtures we produce and that work perfectly on your machine.

SKU 0523
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Time to Delivery (days) 1
Condition New
Working to Capsule UNO Capsule System
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 100
Peso Unitario (g) 8
Standard UNO System
Intensità 5 su 6
Origini Brasile, Colombia, Etiopia
Specie Arabica, Robusta

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