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Tasting Of Uno System Capsules Compatible Toro

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Tasting UNO System capsules compatible Toro, made from our best artisanal coffee blends. The offer includes a tasting kit consisting of 50 UNO System compatible capsules with your Kimbo, Illy, Indesit and Maranello coffee machine.

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Tasting of UNO System Capsules compatible Toro

We offer our best artisanal coffee blends composed of selected coffee beans, whole, washed and roasted with great care and then packaged in UNO System compatible capsules with all coffee machines Indesit, Kimbo, Illy and Maranello. Ourselves Compatible Capsules They are fully functional and contain only high-quality artisanal coffee, as with all our other compatible pods and capsules.

The Free Shipping for this offer and we strongly recommend that you opt for the purchase of the offers or promotions in place once you recognize your preferred blend.

Composition of the UNO Capsule System Tasting Box Compatible Toro Coffee

The box is a simple and inexpensive way to be able to taste all the qualities of artisanal coffee available without having to buy the complete packs of 100 coffees with your eyes closed.
The tasting box includes the artisanal blends currently available:

UNO System Decaffeinated Compatible Capsules

The Blend decaffeinated it is made with coffee of Robusta origin, carefully selected before their importation and decaffeinated with the water technique. Totally natural and in full respect of the coffee bean thanks to the decaffeination process able to keep any nutritional and organoleptic principle present in the coffee bean unaltered. This technique involves only the total decaffeination of the same.

UNO System Cremoso Compatible Capsules

The best-selling blend in roasting is definitely quality Creamy, a balanced taste and impeccable roasting make the blend perfect. A dense and full-bodied cream with an amber color and a subtle aroma together with an enveloping aroma that fills the palate. For all the information on the blend, please refer to the direct page of the coffee capsules UNO System Cremoso.

UNO Capsule System Intenso Compatible

The Intenso blend comes in the cup with a dark and dense cream, a more brownish color due to a deliberately higher roasting. Thanks to the selection of a coffee bean predisposed to be roasted in this way and to a higher roast, the coffee bean destined to become the Intenso blend, is perfectly suitable for creating a strong, decisive blend with a balanced taste, the classic blend of coffee that Must give the charge.

The capsules are not compatible with the Cuore model.

SKU 0479
Free Shipping Yes
Time to Delivery (days) 1
Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 50
Standard UNO System
Intensità 4 su 6
Origini Brasile, Colombia, India, Vietnam
Specie Robusta

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