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300 Uno Capsule System Compatible Creamy

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Three Hundred UNO Capsule System Compatible Creamy, fully functional on Indesit, Kimbo, Illy, Maranello and Squesito coffee machines. The Cremoso blend has a dense and full-bodied cream with an enveloping body thanks to the balanced and perfectly controlled roasting.
Taste the Cremoso coffee blend in compatible UNO capsule systems for your Kimbo, Illy, Indesit, Maranello or Squesito machine And take advantage of the discount offered on delivery costs that will be free when you buy 300 coffees of this type. If you are not sure of compatibility, please contact us, we will be at your complete disposal.

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UNO Capsule System Compatible Creamy

The Cremoso blend is made up of 60% Robusta coffee beans and the remaining 40% Arabica coffee of controlled origin directly from our property. The Cremoso blend comes in the cup with a dense and full-bodied cream with a dark color, an enveloping body and a perfectly toasted and balanced aroma. The offer includes 300 capsules of the same blend Creamy and guarantees free delivery (with the exception of cash on delivery if required), but it is also possible to buy 400 UNO capsule System Miste with the same discount opportunities.
Taste our coffee blend in UNO capsule System compatible with Indesit UNO System Illy and Kimbo, mranello, Squesito, Domo Caffè, Elettronic Cup Gimoka, Queen Gimoka, Kelly Mondialcasa, Maya Mondialcasa, Espresso Cap Termozeta, Quadra Espresso Cap Termozeta, Silver Espresso Cap Termozeta, Tekna Termozeta, Virgola Termozeta, Solo Tuo Coop.
Other coffee blends are also available in these compatible capsules, you can always consult them from the site's online catalog to the category UNO System Compatible Capsules, you will find the blends that we produce and that work perfectly on your machine.

SKU 0632
Free Shipping Yes
Free Shipping from 0
Time to Delivery (days) 1
Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 300
Peso 8
Standard UNO System
Intensità 5 su 6
Origini Brasile, Colombia, Etiopia
Specie Arabica, Robusta

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