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10 Cortado Capsules Compatible Nespresso

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Capsules compatible Nespresso Cortado of Ristora, a composition of Caffè macchiato perfectly dosed and blended to ensure optimal cup yield on any Nespresso coffee original and compatible. Take advantage of the offer to buy your Compatible Nespresso pods and save on the exclusive blend in Capsule Cortado.

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Capsules compatible Nespresso Cortado Ristora

The best solution in pods compatible Nespresso containing the quality Cut, produced by Ristora Contains Caffè macchiato in a perfectly dosed solution. Perfectly functional capsules on Nespresso machines and perfectly mixed blend that offers an optimal in-cup yield.

Yield in the Cup and Composition Cortado Nespresso Compatible

The mixture of caffè Cortado, for those who don't know, is a variety made up of soluble drinks, generally coffee, skimmed milk or white drink and sugar. A mix of drinks to make a product that could also be called Nespresso cappuccino, but which has taken the name of Cortado due to the different types of preparation and dosages.

Ristora produces numerous other blends that are all visible in the category of our site Compatible Nespresso capsules.

Buy and taste the Cortado compatible Nespresso coffee blend produced by Ristora for your Nespresso capsule coffee machine.

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Condition New
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Produttore Ristora
Pieces for Box 10
Peso 5
Standard Nespresso Compatible
Intensità 4 su 6

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