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100 Cream Capsules Compatible Nespresso

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Packs of 100 Compatible Nespresso capsules of the Crema blend Toro Coffee. Delicate and subtle taste with a dense and full-bodied cream with an amber color. A real high-quality espresso coffee entirely made by hand, perfectly compatible with the Nespresso coffee.

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Capsules Nespresso compatible with Toro Coffee Cream Blend

The mixture of coffee Nespresso Crema was the first grade produced for the system Nespresso compatible and it is still one of the best-selling types in roasting. A quality that is obtained from Arabica coffee blends and a particular roasting, a perfect mix to create a delicate, balanced taste, with an amber-colored cream. Crema offers a unique sensory experience, which only Arabica coffees are able to offer if roasted and ground perfectly.

Delicate and creamy, with the unmistakable aftertaste of classic Italian espresso coffee. It manages to have a delicate taste that leaves an enchanting flavor on the palate, sweet, aromatic and at the same time dense and full-bodied.

Characteristics and Roasting Method of Nespresso Cream Capsules

The box containing the mixture of coffee capsules Crema It has 100 capsules individually packaged in convenient single-dose sachets that each contain a Guaranteed minimum quantity of high-quality Arabica ground coffee, equal to 5.4 g.

The mixture of Coffee Cream is roasted using one of the most innovative methods of the moment, Slow roasting at low temperatures. This type of roasting, from recent studies, has shown that it is able to maintain the organoleptic principles contained in the coffee bean unaltered. A method that does not compromise the nutritional principles of the coffee and above all thanks to the slow roasting, the drink becomes more digestible and tolerable even by the most delicate stomachs.

After roasting, the beans are left to rest for at least 6 days in silos before being ground and packaged in a protected atmosphere in the Capsules compatible Nespresso.

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Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 100
Peso 5.2
Standard Nespresso
Intensità 4 su 6
Origini Brasile, Yemen
Specie Arabica

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