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1Kg Coffee Beans Espresso Blend Special Arabica And Robusta

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The mixture of coffee beans SPECIAL is composed of 60% and 40% Arabica Robusta beans, and is designed for all professionals working in the Ho.Re.Ca sector. and for baristas who are looking for a high-quality product for their coffee shop or bar. The coffee beans in the Special blend are subjected to a balanced roasting and a very careful selection of coffees at the origin to ensure a high quality coffee.

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Roasted coffee beans from the Espresso SPECIAL blend 60% Robusta 40% Arabica

The Espresso SPECIAL blend is a mix of different Arabica quality coffees from different plantations and countries, the best, according to the quality standard of our company, healthy plantations built with sound principles and excellent traditions of cultivation and harvesting of only the most ripe coffee berries.

In the world of coffee, a fundamental part for the quality of the final product, what will then be dispensed in countless cups, is certainly the cultivation and harvesting, a non-invasive harvesting method for the plant itself guarantees a more lasting quality and a constancy in production, the harvesting therefore of only ripe berries and not of the entire production favors their growth and cooking during the roasting phase because if all The beans will be about the same degree of ripeness otterranno the optimal cooking phase at almost the same time. On the other hand, this does not happen in collections of low-quality coffee, the classic coffee at a price that has nothing else interesting, but which instead goes against every rule and norm for the correct production and sale of an excellent food, a coffee processed with the right attention becomes an artisanal product of the highest value, Not cheap, but of prestige and quality reserved for connoisseurs only.

In the case of Espresso SPECIAL quality, the quality is impeccable, every single step has been followed and taken care of to allow the company to label the name SPECIAL on the package. Only high-quality Arabica coffees that follow a strict quality standard will be used for the blend.

This blend is perfect for all quality facilities operating in the Ho.Re.Ca sector, in the Bar and in the quality cafeteria, the extremely affordable price makes it one of the best artisanal blends of Arabica coffee. The coffee of the SPECIAL blend is currently in great demand also by all those who have a professional coffee machine, but who do not have a professional activity, it is a blend that encloses elegance and quality in a full-bodied and refined aroma capable of leaving an aroma full of original flavors on the palate. A coffee for connoisseurs and lovers of true Arabica quality.

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Condition New
Working to Coffee Beans
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 1
Peso 1000
Standard Caffè in Grani Torrefatto
Intensità 4 su 6
Origini Brasile, Guatemala, India, Yemen
Specie Arabica, Robusta

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