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100 Red Red Borbone Respresso

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100 Capsules Nespresso Compatible Borbone REspresso Red or Red blend. Single-dose packs containing 5.4 g of high quality coffee roasted and enclosed in capsules compatible Nespresso. Blend composed of Robusti coffees that are full-bodied, dense, strong and decisive in the cup with a high and marked roast.

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Compatible Nespresso capsules REspresso Borbone Rossa - Red Strong, Decisive and Creamy, with the unmistakable aftertaste of the classic Neapolitan espresso coffee, a marked taste due to the high roasting and care to guarantee all lovers of strong coffee, an aftertaste almost burnt by how strong the blend is.

The quality of capsules compatible Nespresso Borbone Red or Red as you prefer, contain only Robusti coffees and have a particularly careful roasting to ensure a constant taste at each production batch. La Rossa was once more developed in the southern part of the country, today it is one of the best-selling blends by the Borbone roasting industry also in the north, where many customers have found in the robust quality a mix of balance between price and quality that distinguishes it among competitors.

Strong and robust coffee, the classic Neapolitan coffee composed of blends of robusta coffee of different origins with a particular roasting that leaves a strong and decisive imprint.

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Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Borbone
Pieces for Box 100
Peso 5.2
Standard Nespresso
Intensità 6 su 6
Origini Brasile, Vietnam
Specie Robusta

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