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Tasting Capsules Compatible Caffitaly Toro Coffee

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Coffee tasting in Capsules compatible Caffitaly consisting of 50 wafers of Artisanal coffee produced by our company and packaged in Compatible Capsules with any machine model Caffitaly.

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Caffitaly Capsules Compatible with Artisanal Coffee Toro

You can taste our artisanal coffee blends compatible with your coffee machine in capsule Caffitaly, without buying necessariamente the whole box of 100 coffees, but also just a tasting kit consisting of 40 capsules containing the artisanal coffee blends produced in these Capsules compatible Caffitaly for your machine. The tasting box includes quality coffee Creamy composed of beans of Robusta origin and the blend of coffee Arabica composed of beans of 100% Arabica origin.

How to Compose the Blends Present in the Tasting Box Caffitaly Compatible Capsules

The Tasting Box, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, consists of two blends, which at the moment are our qualities, proposed in Capsules compatible Caffitaly, tested and fully functional on all models of Caffitaly coffee machines.

The Cremoso coffee blend is a quality composed mainly of coffee of origin Robust, it comes in the cup with a dense and full-bodied cream, with an amber color and a remarkable persistence in any type of cup. For further information on the production and technical composition of the blend, we recommend reading the product sheet of the Cremoso compatible Caffitaly capsules.

The Arabica coffee blend, produced exclusively from coffee beans of 100% Arabica It comes in the cup with a light cream and a fragrant aroma, with a balanced taste. For an in-depth description of the mixture and for the detailed technical data sheet, please refer to the page concerning the Arabica compatible Caffitaly capsules.

In the tasting box there will also be 10 Decaffeinated capsules, which are produced using the same coffee beans of the Cremoso flavor.

Taste the coffee blend in capsules compatible Caffitaly Toro Caffè and save money with online offers.

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Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 50
Peso 0.4
Standard Caffitaly Capsule Compatibili
Intensità 5 su 6
Origini Brasile, Etiopia, Yemen
Specie Arabica, Robusta

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