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Puly Descaler Espresso Liquid Descaler 1 L

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Specific descaler for coffee machines and kettles, both for home and professional use, the most effective even on persistent limescale.

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Descaler for Espresso Coffee Machines and Kettles

The concentrated liquid descaler is the optimal solution for periodic cleaning of your coffee machine or kettle; the concentration of the product also allows for rapid and effective action on components now affected by limescale.

How to Use Descaler Espresso Puly

Using the dispenser located in the package, pour 100ml of Pulydescaler into the tank of your coffee machine, add 400ml of water. Start dispensing the machine as if you were making a coffee without obviously inserting the pods, capsules or ground coffee and let the product pass through the tubes with a dispensing of approximately 30 seconds. Wait a few minutes and repeat the operation until the liquid runs out.
Once you have finished Puly Descaler Espresso in the tank, clean it well with water and dispense at least 3 liters of clean water to rinse the pipes and tank from any descaler residue.

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