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Catalogue Legend Icons

Catalogue Legend Icons

Each product is associated with an image depicting 1 to 6 coffee beans, each of these images is the intensity, strength, body and creaminess of the mixture, an immediate vision, even without direct access to detailed product description to figure out what kind of character is made the mixture.

4 coffee beans means that the mixture has a remarkable balance between the quality of coffee used, a medium roast and an intensity not too high can leave the perfect taste of coffee unchanged on the palate, aroma and flavor stand out and stand out true flavor of the grain.

5 coffee beans means that the mixture reaches out toward a more robust and intense flavor, achieving stronger toasting to make the grain with a stronger character.

6 coffee beans means that the mixture is designed and built with the intent to roast coffee at most to provide a robust and intense quality to its maximum efficiency, without compromising the quality of its origins.


All products with the logo just above with the words "Free Shipping," obviously have rights to the delivery included in the price of the product and all other objects inserted in the order benefit from this service. Free delivery of products at home is a service included in the price for many of the products in the catalog and can be obtained by adding to cart products with the logo above, or by reaching the amount or the number of packs recommended in the detailed data sheets, entering in each product concerned that will have a board to get the benefits, both in terms of discount on the product you discount on delivery costs.

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