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Italy Cup Automatic Coffee Machine

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Italy Cup Automatica is a beverage vending machine that works with a capsule Lavazza Espresso Point original and compatible single-dose and powders Soluble, the ideal solution for the office and small/medium-sized businesses.
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Italy Cup Automatic Point and Soluble Capsules

Straordinaria professional, automatic coffee machine, ideal for offices, Bed and Breakfasts and environments such as reception rooms or breakfast areas where Self Services is also required. The coffee machine Italy Cup Works with capsule Lavazza in the system in capsule Espresso Point, it is perfectly independent and can work with a tank (recommended) or with a water connection, together with the help of a professional softener to prevent the presence of limescale.

In any office or company, a coffee machine that can also dispense hot drinks of any kind, such as Tea, Barley, Chocolate and Milk, is essential. It would also be essential that it did not get in the way and that it had a low cost, the solution is called Italy Cup.

The Italy Cup is the ideal solution for those who want a miniature vending machine, Italy Cup is a realization Espresso Italy Dedicated specifically to offices and small/medium-sized businesses, a vending machine for hot drinks in small dimensions, a very powerful vehicle that can also be purchased privately and refilled with products Soluble and Lavazza Espresso Point pods, it adapts to any type of office, coffee break or canteen.

In addition, it has a very simple management and maintenance, for any malfunction or problem the machine will enjoy a two-year warranty like all our products.

Very careful is the distinction between the soluble products inside, each in its own container waiting for mixing. The Compatible Lavazza Espresso Point capsules They will be stored in a special tank that will distinguish the organic waste into 2 separate containers.

Technical features Italy Cup

  • Heating system with pressurized boiler;
  • Boiler capacity of 1.25 ml;
  • Heating power 1200 W;
  • Thermostat temperature control type;
  • Volumetric dosage;
  • Pump in tipo EP4;
  • Electronic water vacuum detection system;
  • Capsule level control via software;
  • Dimensions in mm 530x280x340;
  • beet and kg 12;
  • Number of containers: 2;
  • Mixer number 1;
  • Container capacity: 750g of chocolate and 300g of milk;
  • Capsule drawer capacity 25;
  • Tank capacity 3.6.

A professional machine with an elastic compatibility system capable of using Compatible Capsules together with Professional Soluble Materials with different blends, which can variare with changing seasons. It is possible to use Thick chocolate Ristora together with the container of the skim milk to create chocolates, cappuccinos, lattes and many other hot drinks.


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