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Lavazza Espresso Point 1800

Lavazza Espresso Point 1800

Capsule per Lavazza Espresso Point 1800

Capsules compatible with all the coffee Lavazza Espresso Point machines. Our roasting now for many years carried their mixtures in all compatible capsules, in particular for Point Lavazza Espresso Point machines such as the model 1800 Lavazzatime.

100 Lavazza Espresso Point Aroma Club Capsules - A fantastic Lavazza blend bursting with an intense aroma and superb flavour. Blended using the finest Central and South American Arabica coffee beans and the finest African Robusta coffee beans giving an outstanding crema.
100 Capsule 30.00 € 0.30 € a Capsula
Consegna Gratuita
400 Capsule 120 € 0.30 € a Capsula

100 Capsules Lavazza Espresso Point Decaffeinated Coffee. A fantastic 100% Arabica decaffeinated coffee - the perfect balance between wonderful Colombian aromatic flavours and pleasantly sweet Brazilian coffee. An excellent full-bodied flavour and lasting crema.
100 Capsule 28.00 € 0.28 € a Capsula
Consegna Gratuita
400 Capsule 112 € 0.28 € a Capsula

100 Capsules Lavazza Espresso Point Crema & Aroma. A great Lavazza blend of coffee with a strong and intense flavour. The coffee has an excellent intense and persistent after-taste. Sweet and full-bodied with an outstanding crema.
100 Capsule 26.00 € 0.26 € a Capsula
Consegna Gratuita
400 Capsule 104 € 0.26 € a Capsula
Cialde The Limone Lavazza Espresso Point Sale

50 Capsules of Lemon Tea for Lavazza Point coffee machine.
50 Capsule 15.00 € 0.30 € a Capsula
Consegna Gratuita
350 Capsule 105 € 0.30 € a Capsula

Acquistane 50 a

Kit for taste these italian craft coffee, roasted and sold from Italy by The kit composed of capsules compatible Lavazza Espresso Point in blends: Classico Napoletano and Espresso, both blends are composed with high quality coffee.

50 Capsules Miniciok Ristora Compatible Espresso Point. The quality of Miniciok in capsules compatible espresso point more known in Italy was also made available in capsules compatible for home and office machines.
50 Capsule 12.00 € 0.24 € a Capsula
Consegna Gratuita
250 Capsule 60 € 0.24 € a Capsula