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Ese Toro Pods Tasting

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Tasting Cialde ESE Toro composed of the Best Cafes roasted and ground with extreme care to always guarantee the quality that distinguishes Toro blends. The tasting kit is complete with all the most popular coffee blends available in the Toro price list, compatible with the standard in 44 mm ESE pods.

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Tasting pods 44mm ESE Toro coffee in paper filter

Perfect product for those who are not a great consumer of coffee, for those who want variare blend to which they are now accustomed or even for those who do not need to buy large quantities of coffee. ESE coffee pods. We at Toro Coffee, as is done with the 40 capsules compatible Nespresso, We offer a pack of 40 ESE pods of Toro mixtures, with Shipping. A simple and inexpensive way to taste new coffee blends in any city in Europe, from the comfort of your home or office.

All ESE coffee pods of the best blends of our production, obviously controlled artisanal. In the tasting kit you will find the classic Italian-style Espresso coffees enclosed in cialde ESE in filter paper compatible with all machines of this standard. Below this description you will be able to see many models of ESE pod coffee machines that are compatible with these pods. The list is not complete but shows a good number of compatible coffee machines.

Which Blends in ESE Pods Are The Tasting Box Made Up Of?

Balanced and Subtle Espresso

The pods in the offer are made with our espresso composed of mixtures of 100% Arabica of different origins, roasted, ground and mixed together. It has a subtle and delicate taste, an aroma that recalls the Real Coffee As soon as it is harvested, the coffee is still green to be roasted. A taste definitely to be tasted and savoured.

Classic Intense and Full-bodied

The mixture of Intenso coffee pods or Classico Napoletano composed of coffee of Robusta origin only. Robusta quality guaranteed and verified by roasters and farms. Only the best intact coffee beans are selected in order to offer an impeccable blend. All the beans in the Intenso coffee pods They are roasted with great care using a classic method that involves roasting for about 20 minutes at 240° and then they are left to rest for 5/6 days in silos and then they are enclosed in 44 mm pods for 8 grams.


The same Intenso blend is also offered in decaffeinated using the most natural and advanced decaffeination technology that involves a sophisticated process of extracting caffeine from each individual bean using only water and ensuring that each of them keeps the organoleptic properties inside them intact. Obviously, the process that will give life to the decaffeinated coffee and the roasting in the roastery will offer a ESE Decaffeinated coffee pods incredibly creamy and full-bodied, very difficult to recognize compared to a classic Espresso coffee, but we guarantee its complete absence of caffeine inside.

The packaging takes place in standard 44 mm pods for 7 grams of weight and for the Intenso and Decaffeinato blend of 8 grams, perfectly compatible with most of the 44 mm ESE pod coffee machines on the market all over the world.

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Standard Cialde ESE in Carta Filtro
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