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100 Capsules Compatible Caffitaly Toro Creamy Coffee

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Capsules compatible Caffitaly of Toro Coffees composed of the blend of Creamy coffee which comes in the cup with a dense and full-bodied cream with an enveloping and balanced taste. A full, coffee-tasting aroma that feels freshly roasted.
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Caffitaly Capsules Compatible with Artisanal Coffee Toro

In this offer, we offer the following pods compatible Caffitaly in the Cremoso blend, working perfectly on any model of coffee machine in capsule Caffitaly. Ourselves Compatible Capsules They are self-protected and can be stored even without the outer envelope that contains the 10 capsules, thanks to the protected atmosphere in which they are individually sealed.
The Cremoso blend comes with a dense and full-bodied cream that stays in the cup for a long time and envelops the palate in a taste that fills the mouth with an extraordinary flavor of freshly roasted coffee.
The Capsules compatible Caffitaly They are composed of artisanal coffee made entirely to be able to offer a valid high-quality alternative to the solution in original capsules Caffitaly, but with considerable economic savings without losing quality.

Origin of Creamy Coffee Blend in Caffitaly Capsules

The coffee blend Creamy it is made from coffees of Robusta origin, coming from the best Brazilian coffee plantations. Each bean is selected and subjected to strict quality standards, from shape, color and integrity.

Roasting the Creamy Blend

The roasting takes place with a traditional method, for our roasting, a duration of about 20 minutes in the roaster, at a temperature of about 200 degrees. Roasting is a fundamental part of this blend, which is left to rest for 5 days in special silos after being roasted. After the resting period, it is packed in Compatible Caffitaly capsules.

Taste the coffee blend in capsules compatible Caffitaly Cremoso di Toro Caffè and save money with online offers.

SKU 0532
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Time to Delivery (days) 1
Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 100
Peso 1000
Standard Caffitaly Capsule Compatibili
Intensità 5 su 6
Origini Brasile
Specie Robusta

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