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80 Capsule Bialetti Miste

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Offer of 80 aluminium capsules marked Bialetti Caffè d'Italia mixed, a complete pack of all the existing blends of "I Caffè d'Italia" of Bialetti: Rome; Milan; Venice; Naples and Deca. The capsules are in boxes of 16 pieces each

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80 Capsule Bialetti Caffè d'Italia

Don't take advantage of the great blend selections of the Caffè d'Italia by Bialetti It's a shame, they're all great and are sold in packs of 16 capsules. In order not to incur in annoying and continuous purchases of boxes Toroof 16 capsules, the coffee company through this selection of 160 mixed capsules of all the coffees in Italy in Bialetti will allow you to obtain a mixed selection of all the qualities of home Bialetti without having to constantly buy various boxes of coffee capsules. The offer also offers a discount on the list price of each box, thus managing to save considerably on the overall purchase of coffee in boxes of 16 coffee capsules.

Rome - Gusto Forte

Bialetti Roma It's the Roman taste for coffee, it's all about an espresso with a strong flavor and a strong, persistent aroma.
In the characteristic open-air restaurants of the capital, in Trastevere as well as in Parioli, a coffee with a genuine flavor has always been served, excellent as an after-meal drink, in which elegant notes of dried fruit stand out.
An authentic tradition that interprets very well the modern life of relationships in the Eternal City.


Enveloping body, dried fruit aroma, medium roast, authentic style.

Naples - Intense Taste

Bialetti Napoli The Neapolitan taste for coffee tells of an intense, dark, full-bodied and persistent espresso on the palate. For the Neapolitans, the ritual of the cup is a real ceremonial: the coffee must be strong and concentrated with that strong taste conferred by blends of African origin expertly roasted to the dark degree.

A particularly fine grind and the proverbial skill of Neapolitan baristas have contributed to creating the myth of a world-renowned coffee.


Full bodied, bitter cocoa aroma, dark roast, exuberant style.

Venice - Sweet Taste

Bialetti Venice And the Venetian taste for coffee requires a round, sweet, delicate, vanilla-scented espresso. A tradition that has its roots in the Venice of the Marcanti and refers to refined products from the Near East.

A long history that has led Venetians to appreciate raw coffee and light-roasted Arabica blends that naturally develop a pleasant vanilla note.


Light body, vanilla and chocolate aroma, light roast, intriguing style.

Milan - Soft Taste

Bialetti Milan It is the Milanese taste for coffee expressed in an espresso that is never bitter, with a light body and a delicate aroma.

A trend towards harmony and balance that perfectly balances the effervescent and dynamic lifestyle of a city without schedules, where business meetings alternate with social life in a frenetic succession in which even the coffee break has its own rules.


Smooth taste, fragrant and fruity aroma, light roasting, sparkling style.

Italy Deca Durabolin - Rich Taste

Bialetti Deka it is a decaffeinated coffee that does not detract from the pleasure of real espresso thanks to a perfectly balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta varieties.

Its velvety and enveloping structure combined with the delicate aromatic notes of cereals and toast make it a natural choice for a pleasant break at any time of the day.


Velvety body, toast and cereal aroma, medium roast, balanced style.

The capsules are original Bialetti and compatible with all the machines of the Mokespresso line Bialetti

The capsules come in an aluminum casing and are compatible with machines that have a compatible arm or are made specifically for this format.

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