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400 Fire And Earth Capsules Compatible Lavazza Point

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Offer consisting of 400 Capsules compatible Lavazza Espresso Point mixed between the two qualities Toro Top of the range, Fire and Earth. Arabica and Robusta are the coffee qualities used for these blends.

<h4>Coffee Intensity - Ground</h4> <p><img alt="Lavazza Espresso Point Ground Pods" title="Capsules Lavazza Espresso Point Terra" src="" /></p> <h3>Coffee Intensity - Fire</h3> <p><img alt="Ground Lavazza Espresso Point Pods" title="Capsules Lavazza Espresso Point Earth" src="" /></p>
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Lavazza Point Compatible Capsules on Offer - Fire & Earth Toro TOP

Offer consisting of 400 Compatible Lavazza Espresso Point capsules mixed between the two qualities of the line Toro TOP, Fire and Earth.

How to Compose the Box of 400 Pods Lavazza Espresso Point Compatible Toro TOP

The products are each presented in their own perfectly sealed boxes and in the quantities indicated in detail immediately below, so 2 boxes of 100 coffees of Fuoco blend composed of qualities of Arabica and Robusta origin and 2 boxes of 100 coffees of Terra blend composed of Arabica quality.

In this offer, the two top coffees are proposed for compatibility with coffee machines in Lavazza Espresso Point pods, products that are classified as high quality not only by experts in this profession, but above all by our customers, satisfied and experienced who appreciate and share with us a passion for the world of coffee and find a guarantee behind a brand such as the one proposed in the offer Top.

How the two coffee blends in Lavazzacompatible capsules look like in the cup

The Terra blend comes in the cup with a full-bodied cream with an amber color, an intoxicating aroma and a balanced taste thanks to the quality of coffees selected from the origin for their integrity and quality. A perfect coffee for lovers of the perfectly roasted and ground drink.
The Fuoco blend has a dense and full-bodied cream with a darker brown color due to the higher roasting than the previous one and an intense and enveloping aroma on the palate. The Fuoco mixture has a unique feature in this Compatible Capsules, the extraction is impeccable on any coffee machine of the standard Lavazza Espresso Point.

SKU 0612
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Time to Delivery (days) 1
Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 400
Peso 7
Standard Toro Top - Lavazza Espresso Point
Origini Brasile, Etiopia, India, Yemen
Specie Arabica, Robusta

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