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200 Capsules Lavazza Aroma Cream And Toro Espresso

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Offer consisting of 100 Pods Lavazza Espresso Point Crema & Aroma blend and 100 Toro Espresso Pods compatible Lavazza Espresso Point, the most classic blend of the house Lavazza composed of Arabici and Robusti coffees and the Top Quality blend of the roasting Toro composed entirely of Arabic coffees of excellent origin and production.

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Offer for 200 Mixed Capsules compatible Lavazza Espresso Point

Stocking up on coffee capsules is essential for those who have a professional pod machine and have to meet the demand of many people, or for those in the family who consume a lot of them, or again, just for those who want to take advantage of an offer and save money with the purchase of 200 mixed coffees. Lavazza Crema & Aroma composed of blends of Arabica and Robusta coffee and the quality Toro produced exclusively with 100% Arabici coffees from the most prestigious plantations in the world.

Take advantage of this offer consisting of:

  • 100 capsules Lavazza Espresso Point cream & aroma blend;
  • 100 capsules Toro standard espresso blend.

Not only will you stock up on pods and save money, you will also be able to taste the guaranteed quality of Toro coffee, surely after it has been tasted and after comparing the price you will not be able to do without it. An artisanal roasting company that concentrates all its skills in the direction of quality and savings to guarantee the best product on the market, with a technical sheet to be told, which starts from the finest plantations in the world up to the roaster placed in the company that will work and offer a high quality coffee produced by artisans of taste to satisfy the palate of thousands of customers.

Made in Italy quality means knowing how to discuss with your customers what you are selling and what they will drink, with Toro you will always have the guarantee that what you buy will be of controlled quality and verified by very strict health and hygiene standards.

Capsules perfectly compatible with Espresso Point machines, Lavazza pods and Toro Espresso pods make up the current offer and each supply will see a mixed gift of Toro blends compatible with Lavazza.

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