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16 Capsules Dolce Gusto Toro Intenso

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Sixteen Capsules compatible Dolce Gusto Toro Intenso, with a strong and decisive taste that is perfectly compatible with all Coffee Nescafè per system Dolce-Gusto.
Buy and Taste the quality of Intenso coffee Toro Coffee capsules Nescafè Dolce Gusto compatible with your machine

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16 compatible Dolce Gusto Intenso capsules Toro coffee

Ourselves Capsules compatible Dolce Gusto They come in a box of 16 coffees well sealed in a protected atmosphere to ensure freshness and quality even months after its packaging. Ourselves Compatible Dolce Gusto pods They work correctly thanks to a perfect shape to be used, on all the models indicated below, of Nescafè machines.

Origin and Roasting of Coffee in Capsules Compatible Dolce Gusto Intenso Toro

The Origin of Intense Coffee Toro

Ourselves Dolce-Gusto compatible capsules they are composed of a quality of Robusta coffee selected from the best coffee plantations in Brazil and Indonesia. The beans are selected according to criteria of integrity and shape that are not left to chance. After the coffee is imported, each delivery is first tested with a test roast to verify the actual quality required.

Roasting the Intenso blend of Toro in Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules

Roasting is certainly the most important part of this blend, in fact it takes place with a technique that involves a high temperature for a slightly longer duration than normal to create a strong and decisive taste, with an intense taste like the real Neapolitan espresso. The roasting of the pods Dolce Gusto compatible with Intenso, however, is not taken to excess because all the nutritional and organoleptic principles of the bean are left unaltered and in addition to enjoying an excellent aroma it will have all its nutritional principles intact.

The Compatible Dolce Gusto capsules They work perfectly on all Coffee Nescafè for the Dolce Gusto system.
Intense and robust aroma, dark cream thanks to the origin of the Robusta coffee beans, excellent blend for lovers of strong coffee, taste the Intenso blend on offer.

SKU 0400
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Time to Delivery (days) 1
Condition New
Working to Capsules
Produttore Toro
Pieces for Box 16
Peso 13
Standard Nescafè Dolce Gusto
Intensità 6 su 6
Origini Brasile, Indonesia
Specie Robusta

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