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  1. Working to: Cialde 38mm
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Restored and Used Coffee Machines

Restored and Used Coffee Machines

Used and Restored Coffee Machines

The machines used and regenerated in this category are all machines provided exclusively to our company's direct customers with the coffee machine in free use fee, collect and completely replenish it and then be sold at the best price.

The sales price is generated by calculating the consumptions delivered from the first use and/or maintenance and replaced items only after the withdrawal. Each proposed machine will indicate in the data sheet any defects or maintenance to be carried out if they exist.

All the machines we've had are always managed by Toro Caffè.

Macchina Caffè Catering Sale
€280.00 €600.00

Coffee Machine AuraBar Twin Didiesse used is a coffee machine and professional cappuccino pods dedicated to Ho.Re.Ca sector and two separate groups operating in the coffee, complemented by a group steam / cappuccino maker with internal tank and cup warmer, excellent for professional use.

Out of stock

Macchina da Caffè Superprofessional Didiesse a Cialda Sale
€600.00 €1,435.00

Used coffee machine Superprofessional Didiesse for Coffee Pods 44mm. Perfect for any Ho.Re.Ca. business.

Out of stock