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Coffee machines Professional Pods

Professional Coffee-Pods Machines Ho.Re.Ca.

Coffee machines Professional Pods, all solutions used by our roasting and tested by real customers. machines can therefore meet customer requirements and can be managed independently without any technical experience.

Spinel Pod Coffee Maker ESE Jessica 2 Coffee & Steam Sale
€1,180.00 €1,781.00

OVERHAULED BY SPINEL. Coffee machine Spinel Jessica 2 Coffee & Steam for 44mm ESE pods with 3 litre boiler and 5 litre tank, cup warmers, manually height-adjustable coffee groups. Perfect machine for Ho.Re.Ca. with consumption of more than 80 drinks per day.

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Professional Coffee Pods Machines for Restaurants, Hotels and Small Bars

A structure operating in the absolutely must have a professional pod coffee machine, which is why we offer in this category the best pod coffee machines for professional structures. In this category of products, the brands Spinel, Faber, La Piccola and other Italian artisan producers are the masters who focus their production, research and the quality of their articles on the true quality of the products used. At Toro Caffè we are the official reseller of many brands of pod and capsule coffee machines, but in addition to the sale we take care of their maintenance and repair directly, which is why we focus our sales on pod coffee machines and exclusively high quality brands. and that allow us to intervene as little as possible on the equipment. Spinel is among the most robust and performing, thanks to a patented system that prevents the presence of limestone, obviously combining use with routine maintenance, the Spinel pod coffee machines have a long and trouble-free life.

Which Coffee Machines with Pods to Choose

Surely the choice must be made according to its use, but a professional pod coffee machine is mainly divided into 2 very important types: coffee pod machine without boiler or professional pod machine with boiler.

Coffee pod machine WITH BOILER

A coffee pod machine with an internal boiler is certainly a complete professional equipment that in the bar is able to satisfy both the preparation of coffee and steam for cappuccinos and also the supply of hot water for tea, herbal teas and infusions. A professional-coffee machines but with the extraction system adapted to ESE pods eco-sustainable in compostable paper. High performance and impeccable coffee quality even during season and temperature changes, energy savings and aesthetic design of the coffee machines perfect for every room.

Coffee machine in pods WITHOUT BOILER

The coffee machines in pods without a boiler are perfect for small and medium-sized restaurants because usually the boiler is not used much for the preparation of cappuccino which, on the other hand, has very high performance on machines with a boiler. The machine without a boiler is always equipped, or almost always according to the machine model, with a steam dispenser. In these models, the supply of steam is dictated by the power of the thermoblock as the water required for supply is heated at the time of request and there is no quantity of hot and pressurized water available in the boiler. For this reason, the model without boiler is suitable for activities that do not require a large consumption of steam but instead require a coffee machine to deliver espresso without stopping and without losing quality.

How to Order Soluble Products on Toro

It's super easy to order coffee pod machines with us, just follow the simple steps below if you have any problems.

  • Identify from the product catalog, placed immediately above this text, the type of coffee pod machine ;
  • Click on the cart icon Carrello online placed under the title of the coffee machine ';
  • You will automatically be transported to the order control phase of the site. If everything will be to your liking will suffice; click on the button Conferma Ordine Macchina da caffè
  • Now I should fill in the shipping details with your address, indicate the shipping method in the central column of the site and the modality; preferred payment method on the right column (credit card is the fastest and cheapest method).
  • At the end of the purchase procedure you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the order and within 48 hours you will get the package with the coffee machine ordered online.

Alternatively & egrave; It is possible to order using the form