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Coffee Machine Didiesse Frog Yellow

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The Didiesse Frog, in this case yellow, is a coffee machine with pods, with perfect hot water and steam option to make the cappuccino is good for both the home and for the office and is compatible with Toro and waffles Borbone.
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Coffee Machine Didiesse Frog Yellow A coffee machine can be used at home, at work and in other environments, the Didiesse orange Frog presented here is also one of the most choices among customers, its vibrant color and easy to integrate in any context, makes a simple and good choice for both office and home markets where maybe you have a modern kitchen with traditional colors, the blow orange ensures detachment and appreciation.

Orange is definitely very particular as color, there are many types of furniture where to match the color, can also create contrast and allow you to create an angle particular coffee. Although it is primarily intended to be used at home and in the office, the orange color, such as yellow Didiesse Frog, gives it an "industrial" touch.

Whether you used at home, in the office, on construction sites or in small companies the Frog model is a perfect mix of design and functionality that enhances the enjoyment of the look. The Frog is a macchin of pods with hot water and steam option is destined to the domestic market than the company.

Its innovative design, its simplicity and the quality of its components make it a reliable instrumental good to aim in peace.

The cheapest and most reliable of the pod machines on the market, suitable for any environment and comes in different colors.


Height 40 cm
Width 23 cm
Depth 32 cm
Weight 6.5 cm
Voltage 220/110 V
Power 500 W
It contains a 2-liter bottle
Aluminium thermoblock Macchina Caffè
Mechanism in stainless steel Macchina Caffè
Filter holder in domestic plastic Macchina Caffè

Macchinetta Caffè

Macchina Caffè

Free Shipping Yes
Free Shipping from 99
Time to Delivery (days) 4
Working to Cialde 44mm, Coffee Pods
Produttore Didiesse
Pieces for Box 1

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