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Search results for 'capsule'

Capsule UNO System Compatibili Sale
Acquistane 400 a
€72.00 €80.00

Offer free delivery consists of UNO capsule System Compatible mixture Intense and creamy, perfectly working on Indesit coffee machines, Kimbo, Illy and Maranello. The mixture Intense is presented full-bodied and dense, dark-cream and persistent and strong taste, intense and balanced coffee that leaves a great taste on the palate. The Creamy quality possesses a thick and persistent cream, aroma balanced and perfectly toasted.
Taste the blend of coffee Intense and quality Creamy capsules UNO System compatible for your machine Kimbo, Illy, and Indesit Maranello. If you are unsure of compatibility please contact us, we will be at your disposal.
Capsule Nespresso Sale
Acquistane 400 a
€80.00 €84.00

Capsules Intenso Compatibles with Nespresso's coffee machines. 60% Robusta and 40% Arabica.
Capsule Espresso Point Lavazza Compatibili Sale
Acquistane 400 a
€72.00 €80.00

200 Capsules Terra and Fuoco Compatible Lavazza Point coffee machines.

Strenght - Terra

Strenght - Fuoco

Capsule Nespresso Compatibili Classico Napoletano Sale
Acquistane 400 a
€80.00 €84.00

Special Offers composed 400 Capsules Classico Napoletano Nespresso Compatible, perfect blend produced in Italy and composed with Arabica and Robusta coffee. These capsules are perfect for any Nespresso coffee machines, contain 5.3 g of coffee roasted by Toro Caffè.

Acquistane 40 a

Box of 40 Coffee Capsules Lavazza A Modo Mio Compatible. Coffee beans of quality Arabica 100% and Robusta, box contains 40 capsules with both blends, Oro-Gold and Rossa-Red, the best productions compatible with any coffee machines of Lavazza A Modo Mio standard.
Capsule Nespresso Compatibili Sale
Acquistane 400 a
€80.00 €84.00

Box of 400 capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. Blend composed with Arabica 100% coffee and produced by Toro from Italy.
Capsule Bialetti Caffè d'Italia Sale
Acquistane 160 a
€55.00 €63.00

Offer composed of five blends of italian coffee compatible with any coffee machines produced by Bialetti. Milano, Roma, Venezia, Napoli, Torino, Italia Deca.

Cialde Espresso Point Lavazza Sale
Acquistane 400 a
€70.00 €72.00

Box of 400 Coffee Capsules Classico Napoletano Lavazza Compatible. Perfect for Italian coffee lovers, this blend is composed with 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta coffee.

Acquistane 400 a

Box of 400 Coffee Capsules Espresso Blend Lavazza Compatible. Ideal coffee for expert and italian coffee lovers, capsules compatible with any coffee machines of Lavazza Espresso Point standard.

Cialde Lavazza Compatibili Sale
Acquistane 400 a
€88.00 €152.00

Offer composed with 200 capsules Lavazza Espresso Point type of Crema & Aroma blend together 200 capsules Toro compatible with this types of capsules in the quality Espresso composed of Arabica 100% green coffee beans.