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Single coffee spout for traditional coffee machines, coffeepods and capsules of many models. It can be used on screw-type machines such as Didiesse Frog, AuraBar, Small and many other models. If you're unsure, contact us in the office to check the compatibility of your coffee machine.

Andy Brackets for Capsules Compatible and for ESE pods filter paper. Brackets allow you to use the Andy coffee machine with any compatible capsule system with a compatible armrest. Be sure to match the bracket with your Andy machine by reading the description below.
Compatible capsules only work on Andy's coffee machines for compatible capsules of any kind, they do not work on ESE pods, which can only use the same paper paper wafer system.

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Descaler for coffee machines Bomb Plus for proper descaling your machine. durable and economical solution to clean the machine and prevent the birth of limestone, but also to remove the same if it had already affected the performance of the machine.